...Historical celebrations ...

Palio of the Assumption (Fermo)
Ring tournament (Servigliano)
Contention of the bucket (Porto Sant'Elpidio)


The Marches boasts a intense recreational activity between pageants and festivals.

The most important historical re-enactment takes place in Fermo in August with the Palio of the Assumption where 10 districts compete for the artistic cloth.

Servigliano follows in which the country is competing the competition of theRing tournament. Knights face off on a journey to eight, in four rounds to center twelve rings of smaller and smaller, with a fascinating show of flag-wavers.

Finally Sant'Elpidio a Mare with its evocation of the Contention of the bucket, important and spectacular, which can involve the entire population and tourists who want to dive back in time.

Do not miss also the rich antique markets that feed the city fairs where you can take home beautiful handicrafts Marches.