..Taste and Flavour....


"Olive to Ascoli"

"Boiled with the pearà"

The common thread that runs nicely tourists up and down the Marche is also given by the desire to discover the flavors and tastes of our dishes.

First of all, the famous "stuffed olives" is a flat, well known in Italy and abroad, accompanied nicely to a variety of local wines imprinted in taste I remember a particular food and wine.

In our restaurant you can especially discover the flavors of Venetian cuisine, low in fat, but light and tasty, like the "Boiled with pearà" (composed of mixed boiled meats accompanied by a sauce typical Veronese, pearà in fact, made with stale bread cheese, broth, and much pepper), Rice and peas, Risotto with tastasal, with sparasi Risotto, Risottoall'isolana, Cod fish served with Vicenza, Liver venetian etc. .. all prepared with love by the restaurant's management..